miércoles, 20 de mayo de 2015


Clixsense is a PTC (Paid To Click) site, created in 2007 , the different with this site is that you can't rent referrals , but it is not bad because there are a lot of option for earn money here, like:

  • Completing Offers: you can earn money just completing offers like installing an app on your smartphone or just sign up in a website.
  • Completing Mini Task: Using CrowdFlower you can earn money just completing Mini Task also you can earn Badges that allow you , complete more and more mini task.You need just log in on your facebook account and you are ready!!
  • Advertise your Sites: I highly recommend clixsense, if you want to earn more referrals for your sites or get more view, the cost are cheap and it is excelent if you want to get easy and simple publicity.
  • The minimum Payout is $8 dollars
  • There is only one membership called Premium , you need just pay $15 dollars per year and you can get more ads and more money per ad. Also, your Payout limit change to $6 dollars.
  • No inicial investment requiered. 

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sábado, 16 de mayo de 2015


This is an old site founded in 2008 , the best features of this PTC (Paid To Click) is:
  • Instant pay, since 2008 paying to all their users instant
  • Rented Referral. earn more money for you. 
  • High Traffic when you advertising, excellent for get Referrals or Promote other Sites.
  • Stable and Reliable Forum , with Costumer Support and Moderators.
  • Payout since $1 dollar up to $10 dollars.
  • Earn NeoPoints (you can buy Rented Referrals with it)
  • 7 years working, paying to all theirs users.
  • 0 Investment Required
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